Victory in Jesus

What you will need: Bowl or plate with water in/on it, Black pepper and Fairy liquid (ideally branded)


Talk: (Before the talk, put a few drops of fairy liquid on your index finger. Rub it around the whole finger, make sure you cant tell its there and make sure there is plenty used - don't let anyone see you doing this!)

I want to tell you about God’s amazing salvation plan. In the beginning, God created a perfect world. Nothing was wrong in it, in fact, we read in Genesis that God said everything he created was good. However, Adam and Eve then sinned (do a couple of shakes of pepper on the water - not too much at this stage). Their sin ruined God’s perfect creation, what is worse, more and more people began to sin, till everyone in the whole world was sinning (keep shaking the pepper over the water until there is a thin layer covering the top).

Do you know, God loved us so much that he didn't want to keep punishing us for our sin, and he wanted us to be his children, so he sent his son Jesus to take that punishment. Jesus died on the cross, taking our sin and punishment for it, meaning if we have faith in Jesus and repent, that means being sorry for our sin, then God says we are his children and he can make us clean and good again. To help us understand this, watch what happens next (at this stage, place your index finger, the one covered in fairy liquid, in the middle of the water and leave it there for a couple of seconds before removing). You see, Jesus comes right into the middle of our sin problem and he brings goodness and purity. Did you see how all the pepper went to the sides, that's because Jesus cannot sin and when we follow Jesus he will help us from doing bad things and sinning against God.

So, remember that God made everything good, that sin made everything bad, but Jesus is powerful and mighty to completely deal with sin, so that we can be right and good children of God!