Sunday Morning (10:30am)

Every week, we meet together as a church to worship and learn from the Bible. Everybody is welcome to join us! There are around 80 of us, of all ages.... kids, parents and grandparents. 


When you enter the church you will be welcomed by one of our welcome team members. Toilets and cloakroom facilities are on your left as you enter. You'll receive our notice sheet which tells you everything that is happening in the church for the coming week. We usually begin the service with a time worship (singing and praying) and we stand for most of the songs. There is a children's talk, and if the kids are feeling brave, they are invited to sit at the front for this. We also have a creche and junior church during the second half of the service, the service leader will indicate when the kids are to leave the service. If you have any questions, just ask the team on welcoming!


While the kids are out at their activities, the adults focus in on God's word with a sermon, preached usually by our Pastor. The sermon will last about 35 minutes, finishing the service with a song/hymn. After the service, if your children have attended creche or junior church, we ask that you collect them then everyone is invited to stay for coffee and chat! We also have communion as part of the morning service on the third Sunday of each month.

Sunday Eve (6:15pm- 1st Sunday of month except August)

On the 1st Sunday of every month, we gather together in the evening for a time of Communion. As there is usually a smaller group, the service is more informal. There is a short time of reflection (based on a particular passage from the Bible), worship and a time of communion. All Christians are welcome to partake in communion as commanded by God in remembrance of the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins, leading us to salvation in Christ!