Give God the Best

What you need: A Banana


Passage: Proverbs 3:9


Talk: I want to help you understand a verse found in Proverbs 3:9, it say’s “Honour the Lord with your wealth, and with the first fruits of all your harvest.” To help me, I am going to use a banana (begin to peal the banana).

Imagine this banana is all the money you have. Imagine it is all the skills and talents you have. Imagine it is everything that you have. This is how each of our weeks go:

Monday - Dance day! I am going to use all that I have to learn to dance and be the best (take a bite of the banana)

Tuesday - Football day! I am going to be the next David Beckham (take a bite of the banana)

Wednesday - Snack day! I better use some of my pocket money to go to the shop and get a snack (take a bite of the banana)

Thursday - School trip! More of my money to be spent (take a bite of the banana)

Friday - Movie night! Popcorn, DVD and lots of snacks (take a bite of the banana)

Saturday - Family Day! Heading to McDonalds and then playing with my friends (take a bite of the banana)

The problem is, when Sunday comes round, we have nothing left (make sure all you have left is the banana peal). Well I guess I will just have to give God what is left (place the peal in the offering basket). Do you think this is what Proverbs 3:9 means? It says we were to honour God with our first fruits, that means what comes first.

I wonder if we started the week of saying “This is what I am giving to God - this amount of energy, time, money and skills” and then whatever left was for us to enjoy, how different our week would be? For a start, we would be obeying God’s command. We need to remember that God doesn't want our leftovers, he wants the best part of us and all we have - the first part! Maybe this week, you can talk as a family about how you are giving God your best, your first fruits, and maybe you can obey God’s command together!