What you will need: 4 brushes (make sure 3 are old and 1 is new)


Talk: I want to help explain a verse to you this morning, the verse is:

1 Thessalonians 5:11 which says, “So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.” (It can be helpful to have this on a PowerPoint)

The church is a huge building and it takes a lot of effort to clean. So, I need a volunteer (preferably one of the kids). “Here is a brush, can you help me by brushing this whole room?”. Do you know, as I watch my volunteer brush, I’m realising that this is quite a big task and this verse says I need to encourage my volunteer to do a good job. I wonder how I will do that? I know, I will give them a better brush! That will encourage them to do a good job. (replace the brush with a better sturdier brush).

Hmm, it’s still quite a big task to do isn’t it? Ok well let’s encourage them with more brushes (give 4 brushes to the volunteer). Great! Now you can clean the whole building, I am so pleased I thought about encouraging you!

The problem is I have not really encouraged my volunteer, I’ve just given them different resources to do the job. The best way I encourage them is actually to get stuck in and help. We have 4 brushes, so can I get another 3 volunteers and lets really help my volunteer to get this room clean and tidy. (At this stage you should have 4 people, 4 brushes and all working together).

The best way to encourage each other is to help one another, not just saying how to do a better job, instead rolling up our sleeves and helping them do a good job. So, when you are at home, or in school or even in Sunday school and your family or teachers are cleaning up, or cooking or working hard, why not encourage them by helping them! Let us always be looking for how we can help each other!