At Lincoln Baptist, we are always striving to see how we can best serve our community. Being uniquely situated on Croft Street, we are passionate in helping those who suffer from homelessness, addictions, mental health issues or simply find themselves lonely. We have over the years developed several ministries, each with different aims yet all with the same motive – to love our community with the love of Jesus, in doing so, we pray, that lives will be changed for the better!

If you are interested in learning more about the homelessness situation in Lincoln, you can read through a report which has been researched and produced by Development plus, some of their team serve through our community projects – to read the report, click here.

If you would like to help with any of the following ministries, please contact our Community Coordinator, Pete Crosby by clicking here. If you wish to give financially, you can do so here.


When: Every Friday

Time: 1pm – 3pm

Lift grew out of a concern for that element of the local community who are homeless or in the sort of accommodation which gives them nowhere to socialise in the day time. We open every Friday afternoon to offer food (2 course cooked meal) and a listening ear to any who come along. As appropriate we help those who attend with a range of paperwork and accompany our guests to formal meetings when they request the presence of a supportive friend. A number of professionals attend our sessions from time to time in order to meet their clients.

LIFT continues to grow with between 40 and 60 in attendance each week. However, we also have a growing team of about 30 individuals, several of whom were/are guests who help with cooking, washing up and generally helping to serve others.

LIFT (Breakfast)

When: Monday – Thursday

Time: 6:30am – 8:30am

With several individuals in Lincoln either sleeping rough (i.e. have no bed to sleep in) or in temporary hostels, there was a need to help individuals start the day with a sense of purpose, it is hard to be positive about the future when you are cold and hungry. So, in April 2019, we launched LIFT Breakfast.

Opening our doors at 6:30am, we invite all those who need a warm place to sit and who are hungry to come and have breakfast. Thanks to food surplus donations from LIDL, we are able to offer cereals and various breakfast items. There is a constant flow of tea and coffee to help individuals hydrate and stay warm.

The added advantage of LIFT breakfast is that we are able to help with booking in doctors appointments, arranging visits to other third sector organisations and simply help people start the day of with something to aim for. It is amazing what a cup of tea, a warm place to sit and a friendly face can do!

CAP Fresh Start

When: Tuesday

Time: 12pm – 3pm

Our CAP (Christians Against Poverty) Fresh Start group, helps individuals who are keen to deal with their addiction needs. By using a meal and discussion groups, the aim is to mentor individuals in a loving and Christ like manner, to champion their efforts and to show how God is an ever-present help in time of need.

Community Bible Study

When: Thursday

Time: 6:30pm – 8pm

Our Thursday Bible study helps provide a safe environment for those we have met and got to know through our community ministries. Many of those attending will have had little experience with the Bible and so we provide a safe environment to consider the word of God. No question is to silly to ask – open and frank conversations allow individuals to get to know the good news of the Gospel.