Armour of God

What you need: 2xTangerines or oranges, 2 large clear jugs of water, Powerpoint with pictures of superhero’s and their armour (in the talk I have given examples)


Passage: Ephesians 6:13-17


Talk: If I showed you these pictures, would you know who they are? (click through the pictures on the Powerpoint)


1.       Captain America – Shield

2.       Mike the Knight – Armour & Helmet

3.       Iron Man – Full body armour

4.       Tree Fu Tom – Belt

5.       Soldier – Armour, helmet etc.


All of these people and characters have something in common – they all have some form of armour on (Helmet, belt, shoes, shield and lots more). Do you know that Christians have armour, we learn all about it in Ephesians chapter 6! We have:


1.       Belt of Truth

2.       Breastplate of Righteousness

3.       Shoes to help us get ready

4.       Shield of Faith

5.       Helmet of Salvation


When we put all these on, when we read our Bibles, pray to God, know Jesus as our Saviour and let God the Spirit help us, then it says in Ephesians 6 that we are strong because God’s armour makes us strong – we can rise to any occasion and we can stand against all the wrong things in this world.


To help us understand this, I have brought along two Glasses of Water and two Tangerines!


This Tangerine, has its armour on, it’s skin is its armour. The Tangerine is protected, look what happens when I drop it into the water – It floats! (use on jug for this)

  • This shows us that if we are a Christian, if we are saved by Jesus, read our Bible, Pray to God and get the Spirits help in our lives, we too can float and overcome all the bad things.


But, sometimes we can’t be bothered – reading the Bible is hard work, learning a memory verse can get boring, praying to God isn’t as fun as computer games. Soon we find that all our armour is no longer on! (peel the skin of as you say this)


Look what happens when I drop it into the water – It sinks! (use the second jug for this)

  • You see, if we don’t put the armour of God on, we can’t float, we can’t stand against sin and we will not be superheroes for Jesus!


So later today, ask your mums and dads to read you Ephesians 6:13-17, let’s make sure we always have our armour on so we wont sink into sin or temptation.